Our Story

The Beginning

Like us, Carano has been around for long enough to know what’s good in Fraserhood. Opened by Trev back in 2013, we started out as a humble, 18-seat neighbourhood pizza joint for fellow locals who were also looking for something a little different than what was happening across the bridge.

The Idea

Fast forward a few years, where Trev meets Kev through mutual friends. They share a similar no-bullsh*t approach to hospitality, a combined lifetime of industry experience and an undisputable passion for all things food and drink. But most importantly, they share the desire to create a comfortable restaurant where the food is honest, the drinks are strong and the space is somewhere you genuinely want to be.

The Magic

Fast forward a lot of drinks (and some award-winning hangovers), where Kev and Trev decide to join forces and make Carano what it is today. In November 2019 we doubled in size, added a fully stocked bar and created a stand-out menu of cocktails, international wines and seriously good beers to match. We’ve added new dishes and thrown in a daytime and late-night Happy Hour for all our extra thirsty friends passing through.

The Goal

We’re figuring things out as we go and we guess you could say we’re growing up (slowly, because what’s the rush?), but our goal remains the same. We want Carano to feel like a home, because it’s ours. We want everyone (and we mean everyone) to feel welcome, because they are. We want to show people that the most gratifying hospitality is approachable, human and inclusive – and never without a heavy dose of cheekiness sprinkled on top.

Come hungry, come thirsty and come as you are. We’d love to have you down.

Kev & Trev